In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 Plot; Birds of a Feather [7/17/2015]

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PostSubject: Plot; Birds of a Feather [7/17/2015]   Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:43 pm

=- B i r d s - of - a - F e a t h e r -=

The dry season has come upon us; It brings new predators, and competition for prey. Luckily, the river bordering our territory will never dry out, so we mustn't fear dehydration in this dry season. Although, with the dry season, comes the mating season. Many scents fill the air, and this certainly becomes a distraction for the most.. immature. 

The King has been notified of a new presence: Fatsu Regali. Their own king, Lukander, has crossed upon our borders to meet us personally. The King had tested this Lukander, and sees the respect and courage in this youthful king. This, has therefor, created a bond between the two prides. Treat lions from Fastu Regali with respect, or become a traitor.

- [X] Mating Season -

- [O] Wet Season -
- [X] Dry Season -
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Plot; Birds of a Feather [7/17/2015]
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